A BIG week ahead…

This is a big week in Houston. Nature Explore sends Susie Wirth and Jim Wilke to Houston to start the outdoor classroom designs on Jewel’s. Innovations has a special role as well! We will provide chauffeur service starting with Susie and Jim’s arrival. As usual with the Nature Explore folks, they aren’t just contributing to the makeover. Susie will culminate the week as a featured speaker at the Houston Area Association for the Education of Young Children’s Fall Conference. She’ll do a session for infant and toddler teachers with Kay Albrecht entitled “We Dig Dirt!” and another one with outdoor classroom coordinator Sharon Young entitled “Using Your Outdoor Classroom.” Attendance is estimated to max out at 1100!

About Innovations

Innovations in Early Childhood Education, Inc., a small business in Houston, is committed to helping early childhood education programs provide high quality educational experiences for all children through developmentally appropriate curricula, effective program leadership and management, and meaningful teacher professional development.

Kay M. Albrecht, Ph.D., is president. Widely known as an advocate for high-quality early childhood education and development opportunities for all children, she specializes in writing, management consultation, and administrator and teacher professional development.

Teaching in some capacity has been the bulk of Kay’s life work, beginning with her first assignment as a preschool teacher in a laboratory setting. She has continued her work with young children and the adults who teach them ever since. She was the director of HeartsHome Early Learning Center, a nationally accredited early childhood program in Houston for children from birth through age 8, and served on the faculty in early childhood education at three Houston universities.

She is the author of The Right Fit: Recruiting, Selecting, and Orienting Staff (New Horizons) and co-authored the Innovations series of curriculum, development, and training materials for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers (Gryphon House). Her latest book is SET for Life: Social-Emotional Tools for Life, coauthored with psychologist Michelle M. Forrester, Ph.D.

Innovations, Inc. has deep connections to the organizations involved in this project. Kay was a founder of Collaborative for Children; served until recently as the academic editor of Exchange magazine; collaborated with Lakeshore Learning to equip a 5,000 sq. ft. learning center in Reliant Center following Hurricane Katrina; equipped HeartsHome Early Learning Center with Community Playthings furniture; and is a Nature Explore trainer. Her role in Project Center Makeover: Early Childhood Community Gives Back included working with Collaborative for Children and Exchange to develop the criteria for identifying local programs for the makeover.

Contact Information:
Kay M. Albrecht, Ph.D.
Innovations in Early Childhood Education, Inc.
11506 Brown Trail
Tomball, TX 77377
(832) 717-5349
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